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Stay Classy by Denisse

Our Classic Eyelash Extension are soft, flexible and have a beautiful, lasting curl. These lashes deliver the lift, length, and drama that your clients will love.

*Our classic lash trays come in 8mm-15mm lengths or in Mixed Length Trays of 9mm-16mm. C, C.C, D and DD curls available in .15, .18 and .20 thickness. 

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Liquid Eyeliner 
Oil Free Liquid Eyeliner creates deep black bold lines. Eyeliner is water soluble and can easily be removed with just warm water. Clients can use this eyeliner every day without harm to the extensions.  It won't build up in lashes like oil and wax/gel based liners can.


​This set of classic lash practice includes 6 worksheets.

  • Lash placement & direction practice 

  • The basics of lash mappings

  • 3 most common styles : Cat eye, Doll/Open eye, and Wispy (Denisse's new style).

  • How to map & lash them


*Each lash practice chart is handmade.

Classic Practice Sheets

These sheets provide you with all the guidelines you need to practice classic lash application. Each sheet was designed by Denisse for help her students to find symmetry and placement. These practice sheets are included  in every classic training kit.

Lash Foaming Cleanser

Cleansing your lashes is important to keep makeup and oil away from breaking down the adhesive that holds extensions in place. This 3-in-1 cleanser is great for removing makeup, as well as daily cleansing for skin and eyelash extensions. 

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Disinfection Shot Glasses

Use the disinfection shot glasses Where You Work!

• Ideal for salons and spas.
• Compact size to fit right at the work station.
• The handy small shot glasses is great for disinfecting your tweezers and small aestheticians' tools.
• Made of high quality glass resistant to chemical biocides.

• The lashes design are laser engraving.

• Lash artist MUST!

Denisse’s Favorite Products "Amazon Storefront"

Congrats Lash Artists in the making!!! To make your life easier I put together a storefront for my graduates and new lash artist who are just starting.

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