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Classic Eyelash Extensions

3 Days Private Training


Classic Training

This is the first training you need to take in order to enter the lash industry. No prior lash experience is needed to enroll in this course. This 3 day comprehensive course focuses on lash theory and the foundation of lash application. Learn from the most extensive, in depth Eyelash Extension training curriculum in Milwaukee!


Prerequisites: Steady hands, good vision and patience! No experience needed.

You will have Denisse’s supervision & guidance while working on a live model obtaining her technique and skills. Denisse provides the tools to bring out your talent; all you have to do is bring your positive attitude. 


You will be provided a Professional Starter Kit

(All Denisse's favorite Lash brands) 


The kit will include the following: 

Lash Theory manual (Available in Spanish or English)

Pro Lash Case 9"/14" (Available in 4 colors)

4-5 Mixed Trays (All my favorite Lash brands) 


Lash Primer

Tweezers: -Classic Straight Tweezer

                  -Classic Curved Tweezer

Lash Sealer

Nano Mister 

Gel remover 


Mascara Wands

Under Eye Gel Pads

Jade Stone

2 Different Types of Tape

Lash Tile

Mannequin Head

Practice worksheets

Lash Cleaner and brush

And more...

Image (77).jpeg


 Introduction to Classic Lashes
Lash Theory
Lash Safety Practices
Proper Eye Preparation
Lash Isolation
Eye Styling & lash set shaping 
Different Types of Lashes
Thicknesses, Curls, and Lengths
Correct Way To Hold Tweezers
Gel patch and Tape Application 
Lash cure with Nano mister
Lash Fills, Lash Baths, & Lash Removals
Tips & Tricks
Practice on Mannequins
Practice on Live Models
Building a Full Clientele

Client Aftercare
​Client Services
Business Growth
Photography & Editing
Included with the class:
Lash Theory manual
2 live model
Lifetime mentor-ship from me
Certificate of completion


Lash Lift & Tint  Training

Lash Lift Training

Private Training Course $395


The Lash Lift & Tint course is an accelerated one day course where Master Trainer, DENISSE, demonstrates all of HER knowledge and expertise.

Lash Lift and Tint allows you to enhance your client’s natural eyelashes, creating the appearance of added length, volume, darkness and lift, without mascara or extensions. With a wide client appeal, the treatment takes 45-60 minutes and lasts up to 8 weeks.  Lash Lift involves straightening and lifting the lash from the roots, rather than curling, creating the illusion of longer, thicker lashes. Results are especially dramatic for those with extremely straight or downward-pointing natural lashes. Additionally, lash tinting will noticeably darken your clients' blond or light-colored natural lashes. 

What You Will Learn During Training:


During this 1 day training program you will learn everything you need in order to start performing Lash Lift & Tint treatments.


  • How lash lifting & tinting works. 

  • Client prep, cleaning, priming & gel pad.

  • Use of different shield sizes for desired lift.

  • Correct bonding techniques.

  • Learn the client consent forms.

  • Tools & products used during procedure.

  • The lash tinting process.

  • How to prepare treatment rooms correctly.

  • How to set up your work station correctly. 

  • Demonstration - Denisse will demonstrate the complete treatment on a model.

  • Hands on experience with your model.

  • Contraindications and safety protocol.

  • Lash maintenance and client aftercare.

  • Product costs.

  • Recommended treatment prices.

  • Promotional skills to grow your business.

Image (25).jpeg
Image (24).jpeg

What is Included in Your Class?



  • Essential lash lift & tint kit.

    Kit includes: 

• Lift Lotion (2)

• Setting Lotion (2)

• Lash Lift Silicone Pads (Size S, M, L)

• Lash Lift Adhesive (1)

• Lash Lifter Tool (1)

• Eye Gel Patches  (2)

• Disposable Mascara Wands (2)

• Mix Bowls (1)

• Micro-brushes (5)

• Tape (1)          

• Cotton pads (5) 

• Gloves (2)

  • In-depth step by step manual.

  • Practice on live model.

  • Lash Lift & Tint Certification.

Russian Volume

Russian Volume

2 Days Private Training



Volume lashes are a technique that originated in Russia. It allows you to pick up and fan multiple eyelash extensions to place onto one natural lash. Volume lashes have a fanned effect, create extra fluff, and create a fullness that cannot be created with classic extensions.

This course is ideal for those who have already mastered classic isolation lash techniques and are looking to become an expert  of Russian Volume application and Hybrid styling.

You will be learning how to safely applying multiple extensions onto each natural lash, using 3D-5D fans. 

Prerequisites & Student Responsibilities

  • We recommend 6 months of Classic Lash experience minimum.

  • You must be comfortable with classic lash extensions. Please email a copy of your classic lash certificate to


  • 2 day in depth knowledge

  • Training Manual

  • Essential Volume kit includes: Volume Trays, Adhesive, Volume tweezers, tile, gel patches, and tape. And more...

  • An official Lash Certification

  • live model

  • Lifetime mentor-ship from me.

  • 20%off all future products.



  • Theory 

  • Volume Weight 

  • Safe Diameters for Volume 

  • Handmade Fan Making Technique

  • Creating Shapes and Texture

  • Crystalizing

  • Taping Methods

  • Hybrid Style

  • Pricing 

  • Product Knowledge

Mega Volume

Mega Volume

1 Day Private Training

Spa + Salon Training


The perfect training for the budding lash stylists at your salon or spa!

2 Days Private Training


Eyelash extension training is designed exclusively for salons and spas, I will guide you step-by-step through the process of introducing lash services at your studio. I will provide you the tools to make eyelash extensions one of your most popular, highest margin services.


Salon + spa training provides education and support for both sides of the business - those providing client service and those behind the scenes making it all run smoothly.  

For Your Team

  • Two full days dedicated to theory and practical education

  • Multiple demonstrations of key application concepts

  • Hands-on lash application practice, both with and without a live model

  • Training on conducting strong pre- and post-service client consultations

  • Comprehensive, training manual

  • Signed and framed lash certificate

For You

  • Pre-training consultation to ensure your space is equipped for lash services

  • Customized action plan to prepare your team for paying clients

  • Lifetime savings on future lash products purchases

  • Consultation on developing your lash service menu, and pricing

  • More...​

More Info

  • Every course comes with a training kit. During your free consultation, we can talk you about the Pro kit.

  • All Salon + Spa training are customized to your needs, so exact pricing will vary.

  • Each trainee will need a model for most of Day 2.

  • Your team will receive the same personalized attention and heavy hands-on guidance, but with an even more personal touch. 

  • Each workstation for training and client services will require a massage or esthetician table / chair, adjustable stool, adjustable light and a small side table. I will discuss your specific space in detail during your pre-class consultation to ensure you have everything you need to offer lashes successfully.

Let's set up a free consultation! Please share your information, and Denisse will reach out to discuss options.

Thanks for submitting!

Classic Refresher Course

1 Day of Intense Training 


Classic Refresher Course
IMG_0951 (2).JPG

Have you taken a classic lash course but feels like you need some fine tuning? or Maybe you invested in a course, and left feeling less than prepared to take on lashing?

This is the perfect course for you! One day of intense training with Denissé. 


Prerequisites: Must be a Certified Classic Eyelash Technician (Proof of Certification Required)

Class Description

This is one to one class, covering any areas that you would like further help with to build your current knowledge and skills. I will concentrate on all the areas you are not confidant with.


This course is recommended for those who have previous eyelash extension training and want to perfect their technique or get back into lashing. The course is designed to fit the specific needs of each technician. 


Refresher course contains the following items:

•3 Trays of Lashes (Mixed sizes, my favorite Lash brands)

•2 Pairs of Tweezers (1 straight, 1 curved)

•Live Model






•Retention Issues 



•Lifetime savings on future lash products purchases



What do I need to bring?


Please bring your training kit or whatever you use for lash application including your certificate and manual if you have one. Denisse will have all disposable products available for you to use.



1 Day of Intense Training


Image - 2021-11-29T222920.397.jpeg
Styling Workshop

This is the perfect course for you! One day of intense training with Denissé. 


Prerequisites: Basic beginner skills such as how to isolate, how to prep the lashes, how to attach a lash, how to remove a lash, etc are required. Must be a Certified Classic Eyelash Technician (Proof of Certification Required)

Class Description

Styling  "Classic, Wispy Classic & Wet Look"

Live Model


Lifetime savings on future lash products purchases



What do I need to bring?


Please bring your training kit or whatever you use for lash application including your certificate and manual if you have one. Denisse will have all disposable products available for you to use.

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